Jason Lemieux writing for Task & Purpose, reviews the case of Christopher Beck, a decorated 20-year combat veteran of SEAL Team 6 who came out as Kristin, because, hey, she felt like it, and good for her. Lemieux, a congressional staffer who himself served three tours in Iraq as a U.S. Marine makes a tight case against the continued policy to ban transgendered people from service.

[box type=”shadow” ]If a transgender sailor can serve 20 years in SEAL Team Six with combat deployments in Bosnia, Iraq, Afghanistan, and “all over Africa,” earning a Bronze Star with a Combat “V” among other personal awards, a categorical ban on transgender military service is laughably out of touch with reality.[/box]

The policies that keep transgenders from serving openly is based in-part on “sexual deviance,” however, the UCMJ holds blowjobs and anal sex in the same regard, and I’ve never known Marines to shy away from those. (Never mind that time “Gay Pete” went prancing through the barracks in a pair of used panties he got from a Korean hooker.)

Just ask Terminal Lance (via @TLCPLMax)
Just ask Terminal Lance (via @TLCPLMax)

From my scanning of the comments sections in military groups (the best place to test the limits of your blood pressure medication), the only remaining defense of a the trans-ban is a worry that it makes some straight service members uncomfortable, and god damn it, we can’t fight a war if there’s a chance it might get awkward.

To that I say: Tough shit. Shut the fuck up and do your job, Boot.